Edwin Greathouse Zane

c.1839 - 1863

Edwin Greathouse Zane was the oldest son of Platoff and Eliza Greathouse Zane and great grandson of Wheeling’s founder Ebenezer Zane. At the beginning of the Civil War, he enlisted in the famed Shriver Grays – a Confederate company founded in Wheeling. His brother Noah also fought for the South. His brother Samuel and brother-in-law Milton Carr fought for the Union.

Zane is said to have been the first Confederate soldier to “place the foot of invasion upon the enemy’s soil,” having invaded Ohio directly across from the mouth of the Kanawha River in May 1861.

When his enlistment with the Shriver Grays expired, he transferred to General Albert G. Jenkins’ cavalry brigade and was chosen captain of his company. After the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg, Zane was part of a detail accompanying the retreating wagon trains. When they were attacked by a large force of the enemy’s cavalry, Zane and eight other men charged furiously upon them. He was attacked by several men and fought gallantly, using all his bullets and then his saber. He fell from his horse – shot three times.

Before he died from his wounds, he was said to have asked that his undying love be given to his mother and that she be told that if he had a thousand lives, most freely would he give them all to his native Virginia.

Portrayed by Trevor Clatterbuck